The list.

Fiftyis50, not the new 40. A blog about how to turn 50!  I don’t really know how because I’ve never been 50.   It is what it is and I am ready to embrace it!    I have been talking about it and thinking about it since the day I turned 49.  50, it’s just a year, right?   A half century mark, and a half way mark, and that’s big!   A plan is needed for everything and with every plan you need a list.   I have been obsessing over my list of 50 things for my 50th year!

A list that includes adventures that scare me, but come nowhere close to killing me.

A list that covers a broad range of interests.

A list that includes things I have never done.

A list that includes things that take my breath.  Surely there are still some firsts out there.

A list that includes a wide range of friends. Friends from my past, friends that I currently interact with, and friends that I want to call friends in my future.

A list that includes things that entertain me.

A list that includes places I have never been.

A list that includes things that make me smarter.

A list that includes exercise and nutrition changes that are for life, not for next week or next month but for life. .   I plan to re-read the book Younger Next Year and focus on what I have to do to make it to 100.  That’s my goal if the good Lord is willing.

A list that involves money.  Not making money.  But spending money wisely and making it last.

A list that includes my family, the people I love.  The people that I will spend the next 50 years with.  A list that includes loving them like I have never loved them before.

A list that includes doing things that God wants me to do.

A list that includes organization.  Once and for all organized.

A list that includes fashion and products that allow me to be 50 but not look 50.

A list that includes a timeline of things that I want to accomplish by certain dates.

A list that is fun. Including things that make me laugh.  Who wants to get old and not have fun?

A list that include quiet and rest, and things that are peaceful.  Things that restore.

See I am obsessing about the list of things that I want to include on “ The List”.   It is 6 months until my 50th and this list will be ready.  No looking back, no regrets, only looking forward to the next 50 years!  You never know what a year is going to bring but I am counting on this next one being one that I remember.  Come with me and help me enjoy the journey!


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