Put me on a pedestal

Today’s addition to the list for my 50th year is to learn to bake three cakes that someone near and dear to me has perfected!   The first is a Caramel Cake that is my mom’s specialty. The texture of the cake is amazing and the creamy consistency of the caramel icing is even more amazing.   My mom makes it two ways, a traditional pound cake style and the other in a loaf pan.  Cake number two will be from my mother in law and it is a German Chocolate Cake.  Christmas means German Chocolate cakes at my mother in laws home.  If you are a special friend, then there is a huge possibility that you will get one these cakes!  The texture of the layers are so light and fluffy, and it has something to do with the cake flour that she is using.    Cake number three is a Red Velvet Cake made by my Aunt Margaret.  It’s to die for.  I plan to spend some time learning from each of these three awesome ladies and hopefully I will be able to consistently bake each of these cakes.  It is also important that I preserve the knowledge that I learn from these three to pass down to the next generation in my family!   Pretty cake domes, and pretty cake pedestals always catch my attention.  There is nothing more inviting than to walk into a kitchen and see homemade cakes and goodies perched upon a pedestal.  No words say ” welcome to my home”  more so than this greeting!  Baking cakes seems to be a lost art.   My grandmother, her mother, and her sisters were always exchanging recipes and trying to out bake each other when it came to cakes.   I can’t think of a time when I tried to impress my friends by showing up with a cake that is far better than their cake!  They are about to see a new side of me at 50!    Most of the time we just swing by the bakery at Ingles or Publix, or Kroger and pick one up.  In an effort to revive this lost art, some cakes I will bake!   Just thinking about it makes me we want to add a few pedestals and domes to my collection of dishes for entertaining!  Now just finding the time to spend in the kitchen, and finding out the details.   On a mission to learn the secrets!

Pink depression glass!   Can you tell that I adore?


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