Creating time 15 minutes at a time

Monday begins and all of sudden it is Sunday.  Where has the week gone?   There are a given number of hours, minutes and seconds in a day.   I have always heard the older you get the more time flies.  I am a believer!  Here I am turning 50 and feeling the need to get this time thing under control.  I can’t slow it down, but maybe I can change things that will give me more time to do the things that I want to accomplish before my 100th birthday!  Over the past few weeks I have jotted down things that I can change or improve upon in my daily, and weekly routines that will create more time for other things.  Tasks that can be completed in 15 minutes or less and avoid dragging these tasks out over a long period of time.  Yes, I am an endurance athlete so there is merit to long slow endurance building training.  On the other hand speed work can totally improve your endurance!  All of the items that I have added to the list can be done in short bursts of times.  These items are the mundane.  If I can get these under control, there will be more time for the good stuff!  This list is dedicated to improving my life endurance!

  1. Tame the chaos in your makeup and skin care drawer.  Move the items that you do not use daily to another area.  Put the items that you use daily in order by use and put them back in that order.  This includes blush brush, eye shadow brush, eye lash curlers and such.  Don’t waste precious minutes looking for a lost item.
  2. Pay bills the day they arrive.  Do not let them pile.  Have envelopes and stamps ready and in the same area that you pay your bills.
  3. Same goes for mail.  Touch it once. Play the hot potato game, touch it and do something immediately.
  4.  Place items in the room that they are used.   For example if you use trash bags in your kitchen,  place the supply of trash bags in the kitchen near the trash can.  What would be the purpose of keeping them in the garage.
  5. Hang up clothes that don’t need to go to the laundry.  One time a day takes seconds.  Let them accumulate on a chair all week and it turns into a lengthy task.
  6. Buy some birthday gifts or hostess gifts to have on hand.  Wrap them, label them and never stop on the way to a party and buy a gift again.
  7. Throw away the phone book and use and  Never look for your phone book again and never let it take up drawer space again.
  8. Wash hands often, less time at the doctor’s office.
  9. Take vitamin C and D3 daily, less time at the doctor’s office.
  10. Do not put garbage in your mouth, less time at the doctor’s office.
  11. Exercise at least 15 minutes a day, less time at the doctor’s office.
  12. Focus on one task and get it done.  When it’s done, it’s done.
  13. Make up your bed.  Yes it takes time but creates calmness and nothing will get lost on or under the bed.  Plus you have started the day off accomplishing at least one thing.
  14. Learn some simple meals.  Meals that can be prepared in 15 minutes.  Write them down.
  15. Cook, don’t go out.  There is no wait.
  16. Keep the ingredients for these simple meals in your pantry at all times.
  17. When cooking use the least amount of pans and dishes when preparing meals so there is less cleanup.
  18. Pay one payment in advance for every bill you owe, you will never panic about whether you paid something.
  19. Drink water, avoid headaches.
  20. Love your husband.  Spats waste time.
  21. Do not spend time fighting with your children.  You are the boss.  Be fair but be in control.
  22. Put all of the items that are needed for lunch boxes together.  Lunch box, water bottles, napkins, spoons, and prepackaged items all need to be in the same spot.  If you have excess water bottles that are never used, get rid of them.  They are taking up space and causing a choice.
  23. After using a cooler, make certain you remove all items, wash and dry the interior before putting away.  Nasty green stuff tends to grow if you don’t store away in a timely manner.
  24. Set a timer.  Give yourself a certain amount of time to accomplish a certain task.  This works well for the competitive person.
  25. Have an absolute electronic down time every single day.  That is a period of time that you don’t check e-mail, don’t look at texts, don’t look at TV, and anything that remotely sounds like that.
  26. Exercise and eat healthy to keep your weight the same. All of your clothes will fit.  If you are the same and they don’t fit, then remove them from your closet.  You will spend less time deciding what to wear and less time hanging up what did not fit and you did not wear.
  27. Make sure you always have at least 1 clean white fitted t-shirt hanging in your closet.  On those mornings when you are running late it always goes nicely under a jacket or sweater.  Add a necklace and you are ready to go.
  28. Banish people from your home that do not turn their laundry inside out.
  29. Get rid of friends that cause drama.
  30. Add some new friends that are experts in their profession.  You will save time researching.  Just ask them the answer.
  31. Say “no”!  But sometimes say “yes”.  You will miss out on life if you say no every time.
  32. At all times have a nice pair of black trousers, and a nice black pencil skirt in your closet.
  33. Locate your gloves and put them in the same place every time.  In fact find a place for everything you own and put it in the same place every time.
  34. Pray, God has the solution.  You don’t have to figure out everything on your own.
  35. Call your mom and tell her you want to come for dinner.  She will love the company and you will not be cooking or cleaning your own kitchen.  Remember to stay and help her with the dishes.  Two can clean up faster than one.
  36. Do not speed.  Simply a waste of time.  The officer will want to stop and chat.
  37. Do not let your gas tank get below half a tank.  You may not have those few minutes to stop and it just creates stress.  Plus your children are embarrassed if you run out of gas in the parent pick up line.
  38. Put your life on a calendar.  Just remember to leave some room.
  39. Clean out your purse once a week.  It creates a sense of calmness, and saves your shoulder.
  40. Brush your teeth after each meal.  Floss at least one time a day.  Do not chew hard stuff. All means less time at the dentist.  Less money at the dentist as well.
  41. Line your bathroom trashcans with throw away bags left over from the grocery store.  You are picking up one bag and taking to the main garbage.   Saves time because you are not walking the trashcan to the main garbage bag and then walking the trashcan back.
  42. Banish people from your home that do not pick up their stuff.
  43. Make sure the room that people see first in your home is ready for entertaining.  Even if the rest of your home is not ready, maybe you can keep them in this one area.
  44. Finish projects that you start.  The most stressful things in life are un-done tasks.  Just do it or make a decision to not do it. If you decide to not do the project then remove it completely from your thoughts.
  45. Buy extra hangers.  Stop wasting time in the laundry room looking for hangers.  They are inexpensive.
  46. Have one extra set of sheets for each bed in the house.  You don’t have to wait on the laundry to finish before you make up your bed.  If you buy a new set, get rid of the old set.
  47. Vow to never re-wash clothes in the washing machine that you did not get out two days ago.
  48. Vow to never let a big pile of clothes from the dryer get bigger.  Mountains are much more  challenging and use up big chunks of time.
  49. Get a plan for digital picture management.
  50. Plan on disruptions.  Things happen that are not on the calendar.

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