It’s funny that I have learned this lesson from my thirteen year old daughter.  I have came to terms with the fact that I am a procrastinator.  Not that I really understand why, because my mother is far far far from being a procrastinator.  My daughter is constantly pushing me to get moving on things.  Especially things that are for her benefit.  She is right though,  ready sure means less stress!    One of my goals for fifty is to be a little more ready and not so last minute!  Yesterday I was thinking about impromptu. Well what about being ready for the impromptu trip whether it be for a day or for a week?  It would be so easy to throw a few things in a bag and be ready for a spur of the moment outing.  This brings to mind a ready to go makeup bag.  I really am intrigued with pretty makeup bags.  Goal for fifty is to pack that extra makeup bag that’s always ready to go.  Stuff it with a powder/makeup compact; a tiny blush and brush, a mini eye-liner (even a tiny almost used up liner); mascara (what about those free giveaways when you buy Estee Lauder and get a gift).  In fact those free gifts usually come with some of the same tiny bottles filled with the things you use everyday!  Throw in tooth brush and tooth paste and a few other items and it’s complete.  All that’s left is to hit the road or jump on the plane!  Let the spontaneous games begin!  By the way there are lots of cute bags to choose from!






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