A Book or Books


It is impossible to describe, this strange relationship that I have with books.  I find myself reading multiple books at the same time.  Is this a personality disorder or is there some hidden meaning in this?  Is it something I should work towards…that is reading one book at a time?  Should I embrace this oddity and recognize it as a positive?   Do I need to learn self control?  I find myself ordering another book before I finish the ones that I have started?  Do I have some sort of fear of being without a book?  Do I have some sort of fear of not being smart enough? Is it a fear of being bored with a book?  I cannot explain.   This is one that I must ponder. Maybe I’ll try picking one book and reading it cover to cover, not necessarily in one sitting, but cover to cover before I pick up another book during my 50th year!  This I know, I do love books!



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