Hanging on to Serenity

It is 5:00 a.m. on Monday morning after 10 days at the beach.  Slowly sipping a cup of coffee and strolling through my favorite blog sites.    Trying to hang on to the calmness and serenity that seeps in during a stay at the beach.  Lazy days of sleeping in and lazy days of lingering over breakfast, in fact lingering over lunch and dinner will be gone at 8:00 a.m. when the world starts back up.  I am contemplating how to hang on to the serenity for a few more minutes, how to hang on to it throughout the day, throughout the week.  Could I print this picture and put it on my desk, could I close my eyes and listen for the waves crashing on the beach, could I grab one of those shells that I bagged up and brought home?  Could I eat shrimp and fish all week?  Could I spray myself with sunscreen and let that be my perfume?   Moments of serenity are exactly that,  moments!  Find those moments of serenity in your normal day. Surely they are there, surely they can be created.   Write them down and add them up!  Surely I can keep this feeling going for a while!




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