Painting Rocks Amid the Chaos

Cruise Director is the title that we have bestowed upon my brother in law. Director of fun, director of making certain that everyone has the best possible experience while participating in ALL the available opportunities. 

He has an amazing gift!  An amazing gift of giving!

A master of multi-tasking, a master of delegating, a master of thinking ahead with your eyes, heart, and mind! 

Fourth of July weekend at the lake house, complete with a 40 person dinner party that is in full swing, and he is standing at the kitchen island painting rocks with his nephew.  Notice I said standing, not sitting, cruise directors never sit!  The nephew came in and saw rocks on the counter that the girls had been painting earlier in the day.  He wanted to paint rocks too!  This passenger wants to paint rocks, and this passenger is going to get his wish!

Never mind that the room chosen to paint rocks is the hub of the dinner party.  Food is flying out of the kitchen to the dinner area, food coming out of ovens, food coming out of the warming drawer, food being arranged just so on platters. Guests are mingling.  Conversations are varied. It’s a flurry of activity, also known as a mad house and the cruise director is painting rocks with one passenger! 

I captured this picture in my mind to think about when there was less chaos!  I captured this picture in my mind to contemplate how to become a better hostess, another name for a cruise director!  The art of giving to others!  The art of painting rocks amid the chaos!  Life is chaos!  Step back and paint some rocks!  It’s on my list of fifty for 50!



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