The right words

Sheldon a gift from my daughter for my 50th birthday!  Well that’s what she said, mom I got you a cat for your birthday, his name is Sheldon.  Do I love cats, not really.  Do I love my daughter, yes really. Another cat, that my daughter has wiggled into our lives under the pretense of a birthday present for me!   Sheldon entertained us. His name was entertainment in itself, just considering the Big Bang Theory.

This morning I am contemplating the right words before she wakes.    Sheldon is gone.  A tiny little kitty that didn’t know better than to cross the road.  I am sad for Sheldon, but I am more sad for my daughter. Her heart is sure to be broken.  The Saturday fun that we had planned is shattered.

I distinctively remember the last cat that we had at my home as a child.  He met his demise in the motor of my mom’s car.  I distinctively remember my mothers words as she cried and said no more cats, my heart can’t take this again.  I won’t say those words this morning, I’ll listen to my daughter and let her heart be the judge.  Another kitty will be her choice?

Fifty is 50!  It doesn’t matter how old I get, it won’t ever make these words any easier.  I love you my daughter will have to be enough!

i love you


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