Learning is The Fountain of Youth

The best days in life are the days that you learn something new.

I learned quite a few new things on my desert birthday adventure.

Just a few thoughts I jotted down in my journal and later shared with friends that celebrated with me.

Found this today and decided to preserve in my blog.

Who know’s maybe I will need something from this list when I am 70!

I believe we will run out of water before we run out of land.  Conserve.

Somebody will always be ahead of you and looking out for you.  Look for the cairn.

Always make friends with people that have a better sense of direction than you.

The cholla brings no joya.  Life lesson, avoid some things at all costs.

Interview your tour guide.  If he is more interested  in being a comedian and seems to have no desire to share geography or historical information, ask for another one.

The best thing to carry in your backpack if you get bit by a rattlesnake is a cell phone to call 911.

You must have clouds to have a spectacular sunset.

Face your fears and they will be easier to face the next time.

Say yes to all opportunities for adventure.

Saguaro’s have personalities too, sometimes  you just have to look and pretend. Sort of the same with people.

There are some things in life that you just have to see with your own eyes.  Even panoramic cameras can’t do it justice.

Sometimes you just have to let go, lift yourself off the seat and let the mountain bike tires go over the rocks.  Seems that life just works this way too.

If you are hiking more than 2 miles uphill in the desert, one bottle of water is not sufficient.

You don’t have to look hard to see color in the desert, spring flowers pop against the brown backdrop.  Easy to find beauty, sometimes you just have to look harder.

Get some folding trekking poles.   A lot of life is going downhill.

Take care of your world.  They lived 400 years at Montezuma Castle and then deserted the area for some reason.

Get a passport for National Parks and National Monuments you never know when one might be in the area.

Exhaustion is a nice feeling.

Running 6 miles can change your life.

Always make friends with some doctors so they can patch you up on adventures.  Make friends with some attorneys they just know things.  Make friends with some gourmet cooks and life is way more interesting.  Make friends with people that love to do the things you love.  Make friends with some kindergarten teachers they can keep up with everybody.  Make friends with some mom’s they can do it all.  Make friends with people that are not afraid.  Make friends with people that laugh and don’t complain about the tough stuff.

Life is so much better with friends.   Hang on tight to the ones you have and make some new ones along the way.

50th Birthday Trip 140


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