Sister A to Z

This post is in response to the WordPress A to Z short story challenge.  This Winnie the Pooh quote is the perfect introduction to my short story.   “If you live to be a hundred, I want to live to be a hundred minus one day so I never have to live without you”. And in keeping with theme of my blog fifty is 50, I love her as much at 50 as the day my parents brought home this fabulous gift, my sister!

All about my sister.

Brady Bunch, and watching every episode on Friday nights. Eating popcorn and drinking orange koolaid.

Carol Ann a sweet southern girl name, for a sweet country southern girl even though she now lives in the city.

Daddy reading us books in bed.  Him in the middle and us on the sides. Daddy singing rounds with us in the car on road trips.

Exchanging clothes every two weeks after she moved to Atlanta and started working. Everyone thought we had so many clothes.

Frightened by every scary TV show, and hiding behind me.  Recently saw a scary movie and she was hiding her face in her purse. Some things never change.

Going on adventures, and never stopping going on adventures.

Holding on to each other while we went to sleep.  A hug is not a hug unless it lasts a complete 6 seconds.

Imagining things we see in the clouds while laying on quilts in the yard.

Jacksonville Beach and all the summer memories.

Kelley, she gave one of her daughters my name.  She must love me back as much as I love her.

Laughing until we cry. Things are just funnier with your sister.

Maley and Sally our Imaginary friends and the hours that we spent with them.

Never fighting.  Our mother would not allow it.  Could be why we are not good at confrontations to this day.

One sister to love forever. Hoping that we die on the same day.

Playing in our playhouse that had a loft.  Real cabinets, a ladder to the loft, real roll out windows,  real for a make believe world.

Quilts in the yard for suntanning.  Coppertone lotion and the smell of quilts that had been in the sunshine always make me smile.

Riding bicycles everywhere when neighborhoods were safe. The boy next door that did not have a bike, and would wear our tires out laying drags.  The look on our dad’s face when he would have to replace the tires.

Soul sista.

Telling each other our secrets.

Unbelievable amount of hours playing with Barbie and Ken and getting their houses set up perfectly.  Research for our later lives.

Vini vidi vici the meaning and also the restaurant.  We came, we saw, we conquered.

Washing her hair in the hospital  bed, right before the birth of her daughter.

X  A great eXample on being a mom.

Young.  Forever young with my sister. At least in our own minds.

Z typically the end.  There is no end for the love that I have for my sister.


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