I shop, I don’t mop

A shopping spree with a fourteen you old is always quite interesting.

We never made it to the mall.

It seems there is a trend with clothing stores for younger girls outside the mall. Dress Up, Francesca’s, and Lavender to name a few.  They have whimsical and eclectic down to an art.

Trendy clothes that are arranged by colors.  If you love orange or if you love purple, just go to the section where you see that color.  Of course we looked at all the colors.

It’s  not the world of  J Crew, Abercrombie, or Banana Republic when it comes to classic style or well-made qualities.  Disposable and trendy would be better adjectives.   Disposable meaning the trend will fade, more than likely the fabric will fade, stretch, and seams will tear.  We will see if it lasts even a year, maybe just a season.

Young pretty faces reminding you of sales and such are zig zagging throughout the store. Jewelry, scarves, and baubles fill baskets and tables.

Dressing room doors are painted with black chalk paint.  Philosophical graffiti written in chalk, with the ability to change  your art and quotes as quickly as you change your mind.    Graphic signs with quotes and hanging everywhere.  Signs that announce “Love is Having a Dog”, “I don’t need to flirt with you, I will seduce you with my awkwardness”,  “Nope, no monsters here, carry on”, and one that really caught my eye “I shop, I don’t mop”! There you go the reason that young girls don’t do housework anymore.  Graphic signs are filling their minds with nonsense!  But you know what, I pick shopping over mopping any day of the week!

The prices,  YES,  they beat those classic and better made stores.  But in the end the fourteen year old will grow and their ideas of fashion will change much quicker that my 50 year old ideas.  Guess what?  Mom jeans are back, those are long gone from my closet and they will not be coming back.  Jeans that come up to your belly button combined with fabric that doesn’t give an inch.  Just say no to that torture, and fashion nightmare.  Must be true, what goes around, comes back around.

My daughter even announced on the way home, it was a great day and I love my clothes! Now that’s worth the trip to hear it was  “great day” from a fourteen year old with mood swings as wide as, well I don’t even know a word to finish that statement!  Truth is I choose shopping over mopping.  Great days always trump so so days!



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