Training for Life

Time ticked slowly away as I watched the swimmers make their way to the opposite end, flip turn, and repeat.  Over and over the same scene played out as the swimmers worked to improve their time and perfect their swim strokes. 

Waiting patiently, watching this methodical back and forth, and finally thinking I should be swimming laps while I am waiting.  I bought some goggles, I bought a swim suit appropriate for the aquatic center, I bought a swim cap and I jumped in and started swimming.  That was four years ago. 

A  poster hanging at the entrance for a local triathlon caught my attention.    I ran and I got out my bike and I swam and I did it.  Then I did another one and another one.  Then I ran some and I ran some more and some more.  I ran until I ran a marathon. 

I fell in love with training.  I made some new friends.  Friends that loved training too.  We pushed ourselves to new limits.  We ran up mountains, we swam in lovely lakes, we ran up six hundred steps.  We sweated and planned the next adventure before we finished the last.

Today as I related the grueling workout from the night before to a friend, they asked what race are you getting ready to run?  I laughed and said, I am not training for any race.  I guess that I am just training to be training.  And to this they replied, you are in training for life!  Yes that’s it, training for life!  There are ups, there are downs, and there are transitions.  Sometimes it’s smooth, and sometimes it’s bumpy.  Every day is an adventure!  Yes life, I am trained and ready to roll with your flow.



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