Sushi and Boys

Rain and rush hour traffic through downtown Atlanta and trying to make it to the airport, doesn’t really seem like a pleasant evening.

It is funny how that combination turned into one lovely evening.

My son and his wife were returning from a trip out west, so it was a good reason to be going to the airport in the rain, in rush hour traffic, through downtown Atlanta.  But I was not looking forward to the journey, just the people I was retrieving.

I left the office at 5:00 and drove by my home to grab my daughter.  Sushi has been on her brain for the past two weeks.  When she gets something on her mind, she really gets it on her mind.  She really wants sushi for dinner.   Take out sushi, never considered it, but ok.  We are going to be in the car for several hours.

We place an order for sushi and make a quick stop.  She feeds me sushi as we drive along.  What an interesting twist, she is feeding me.  I knew this day would come one day when our roles would reverse and she would be my caregiver.  She is ready!  I just hope she doesn’t have to feed me for a really really long time.  Fifty makes you think about these things.

In two weeks my daughter starts high school.   This summer I have been contemplating many subjects that we need to discuss.  A few things that I learned in high school that I really want my daughter to know have been swirling around in my thoughts.  It has been thirty years since my high school experience, and I have survived one round of high school with my son where I picked up some additional knowledge.

Our time in the car last evening was spent eating sushi and talking about high school.  High school and drugs and alcohol and boys and sex and studying and s.a.t scores and what you want to do after high school.  We talked about consequences and choices during the next four years and how it  can change your life forever.  She never tried to run from any of the discussions, well she could not run because she was trapped in the car with me!

We talked about boys and standing her ground.  We talked about freshmen girls and upper class boys.  I told her to remind them that they just don’t know her mama.  Remind them her mama runs up mountains while she is sleeping on Saturday mornings.  She is tough and she is protective.

I hope that she remembers the evening that we spent in the car and the conversations that we had.

We picked up my son and his wife and the conversation quickly changed to their adventures.  Life changes as quickly as the conversations change!  Turn the page, move on to the next chapter.  You never know what is waiting for you!  Pay attention, it’s going fast!



2 thoughts on “Sushi and Boys

  1. Your daughter is one lucky girl to have such a great Mom. I love how you approach things with her. It is one tough world out there, especially those high school years. Your daughter should come through just fine!


    • Thanks for the vote of confidence. I suspect that there will be times in the next four years when she won’t think she’s so lucky to have me. But that’s ok, I am very satifsfied with my mom now and I love her more because she was a “mean” mom! I had a great role model!

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