Thinking about The Think Tank

The Brooking Institute is ranked as one of the most influential think tanks in the world.  Brookings was founded in 1916 and today in 2013 is still in existence.  I have heard the name Brooking Institute and I have read the name Brooking Institute, but I have never slowed down to research the reason the institute was founded, and why, and how it has continued for so many years.  Fifty years old and I never took the time to learn about the Brooking Institute.  What else have I missed?  What else have I been oblivious towards? What have I been doing for the past fifty years?

A customer stopped by my office today as their son had graduated from college and is living in Washington D.C. and participating as an intern at The Brooking Institute.  The discussion included questions about their insurance and the changes that would be needed due to the son’s graduation and move out of state.

The conversation continued and I quickly found myself having to really focus on their needs.  Their son, obviously the brightest of bright or he would not be interning at the Brooking Institute, and then there is me and I do not even understand the purpose or the function of The Brooking Institute?

It was a moment of panic.  A moment that reminded me there is so much that I don’t know, and so much that I could learn.   A moment that reminded me to slow down, contemplate, and research if I see a word, a place, a person’s name, or a concept that is unknown or unfamiliar.   Just a few years ago most research meant a trip to the library or to a set of encyclopedias.  Today the whole world and a vast knowledge base is right at your fingertips. The internet and all the search engines along with all the other technology tools have changed our lives.  There is no excuse for not learning something new every day.  Just taking a peek at once a day would be a good start!

I may never make it to The Brooking Institute think tank, but there many opportunities in my world for a think tank. Just thinking about the most awesome think tank in the world really got me thinking!



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