Sweet Exhaustion

Silently we rode in the back seat of the car.  She snuggled up against me and laid her head on my shoulder.

Exhausted from two hours of swim practice, exhausted and still knowing there was a test to be studied for tonight.  Knowing that we should be home under the covers studying.

I twisted her hair just like she twisted mine when I rocked her to sleep years ago.

I kissed her sweet face just like I had a million times.

Funny that she let me.

Fourteen does not allow this opportunity very often.

Knowing that I am loved and that she still needs me when she is exhausted and nothing can make the world right except her mom was delightful.

I could not take the tired away and I could not take the test for her but I can love her better than anyone, at least for today.

One day she will believe that someone else can love her better, but I’ll know the truth.

And that truth is that no one can love her more than I.


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