These three words will be removed from my vocabulary going forward.

Busy, tired, and unfortunately are the chosen words.

Three easy words that are easy to spell and easy to say.  Maybe too easy to say!

I am not too busy for you. I can stop what I am doing and look you in the eyes and talk to you.

I recognize your importance and I am not too busy for you.

I am not so important that busy becomes an excuse.

I am not busy because I am lazy and it is easier to pretend that I am busy.

I am not unorganized to the extent that busy is brought on by my lack of organization.

Most of my tired is brought on by me.

I choose tired when I run at the end of  a long day.

My tired is temporary.

I will choose wisely when it comes to activities that deplete my energy and bring on tired.

I have one job instead of three to help take care of my family, I don’t know this kind of tired.

I have a warm house and a cozy bed to sooth my kind of tired.

I have a healthy family that does not require attention in the night to keep me constantly tired.

I will try to recognize true “tired” when I see it and will try to help someone that needs a rest.

I never thought of unfortunately as an unacceptable word until a dear friend told me they will not allow their employees to say this word to a customer.

Listen to a sentence in which you say unfortunately and find a better word to replace it with.

Turn unfortunately into… I can offer these options.

Don’t let unfortunately be the easy way out.

Unfortunately we don’t offer that product?  This question could be modified to,   We don’t sell that product but I know someone that can help you.  Let me give you a phone number and an email address.

Do I have a list of resources and references ready so I don’t feel compelled to say unfortunately?

Unfortunately I cannot go.    What if it were changed to … I can go another day, what works with your schedule.

Busy, Tired, and Unfortunately gone gone gone!


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