To my daughter

To my daughter on her 15th birthday. 15 random things that I love about having you as my daughter.
1. I love that you stole Valentines Day from me, but I received the best gift ever. You.
2. I love that you still want me to hold you and rock you. I just can’t hold you while standing despite the fact that you believe that I can.
3. I love your loud random outbursts. Your father is thankful that I am mostly past this behavior.
4. I love your dreams and I love that they are big. I know you want to leave Cornelia for a big city because there is nothing to eat and nothing to do, but I promise you one day you will long to come back. I will be happy to see you when you do.
5. I love that you eat our groceries on the way home from the grocery store. Mainly because I love to do that too.
6. I love that you update my phone and teach me to use it for more than just talking. Yes I am glad that you did not talk me into flappy bird.
7. I love that you name our pets but never call them that name. It’s always another term of endearment.
8. I love your sense of direction. I need you as my co-pilot because I have none.
9. I love that you love me despite the fact that you are the only person I have ever yelled at in my life.
10. I love that you are a grazer. Maybe it is healthier to never eat your entire meal at one seating.
11. I love how you love shoes. I hope you never break your ankle wearing high heels.
12. I love to take you shopping when it’s my turn. You are brutally honest.
13. I love that you are a swimmer.
14. I love our favorite story. The time that I stuck my tongue out and licked your face when you were having a meltdown. The meltdown stopped. I told friends and they tried this technique.
15. I love that you are mine. Forever.

I love being a mom at 50.  Working on staying young by thinking young.    It is what is it and fifty is 50!


2 thoughts on “To my daughter

    • Thank you Nancy. I have been the youngest mom in the group as my son was born when I was 23, and I have been the oldest mom in the group with my daughter being born at 37! They say wisdom comes with age! Hope it’s true!

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