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    • You are welcome! I am so new to this, that I am really not even certain how I found your blog. But somehow I did and your topics caught my attention. My interest in blogging started when I wanted to write in a journal for my 50th year. I have always loved writing things down and sticking them in envelopes for my children and marking them with appropriate times that I would hand them out, such as wedding days, birth of children, etc. I have always written stories for them about our vacations. Blogging just seemed like an easy way to journal and document my journey this year. Plus maybe it will help me improve my writing skills. I feel certain I will enjoy following your blog. Your content seems to be personal, and business all at the same time! This fits my personality and lifestyle!


  1. Hi! I am going to be fifty in March (getting pretty worked up about it too) and so obviously your name caught my eye on my favorite humorist, “The Underground Writer’s” blog today. I have been perusing your work here since and it just speaks chapters (volumes!) to me. Thank you. And love your blog title too!

    • Good morning! Honestly it’s not so bad being 50! I fretted over it way too much. I have had a great year and will be 51 in April so I guess that I am going to survive. I have learned some things about myself this year. I have checked some things off my list and have added some things to my list. My blog reinforced one thing that I know about myself, it is very difficult for me to stay focused and engaged in a task for a length of time. This is very evident in my sporadic posts to my blog. It is something that I am going to work on. I am beginning to wonder if I am ADHD? Probably not…just juggling a lot of things! Thanks for reading and commenting. I will take some time and catch up where you are at!

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