Slow it down

I cannot imagine living in a place without four distinct seasons.  In my opinion fall is the most welcome season of all.  It follows the season of days packed from the first hint of daylight until well after the daylight is gone.  Fall ushers in a season of slower living and a much needed season of rest and relaxation.    As I mentioned in my original post on this blog, 50 things for my 50th year I want to include some things that relax and restore.  What could be better than a fall picnic to embrace this season of change?  A picnic can be a simple or a complicated affair.    A picnic could be no more than grabbing a plaid blanket, a thermos of coffee,  hot chocolate, or apple cider, a few things to nibble on, a good book and heading out to look for a pretty  fall tree to linger under.  In my mind I have all of these visions of grand picnics with beautiful tablescapes, carefully planned menus,  things that make my friends go ohhh and ahhhh!  I plan to put some picnics on my calendar for fall, take my camera and look for the prettiest fall pictures that I can find.  I plan to wear my flannel shirt and my puffy vest, and I plan to buy a cute thermos.   I have an idea with my bicycle and my bicycle basket packed with a lovely fall picnic.   The key for me is keeping it simple.  Maybe that’s a goal for 50, simple rather than complicated!  Hope some of these pictures inspire you to plan some fall picnics.  Go ahead the weather is perfect!