Re-Energize the Blazer

In an effort to follow one of my fifty for 50 goals relating to money I am taking the approach, don’t buy it if you don’t need it.  Consider every clothing purchase and  think about three things before taking it home.    Number one do I really love it, number two is it timeless, and number three is it versatile.    Of course you have to add a few trendy pieces from time to time just to make it fun, but most of the time thinking about these three things will keep you on track and keep you from over spending!   My entire working career has been spent in an office,  which means one of the things that I have hanging in my closet is several blazers, including the classic navy and the classic black blazer.   I have been noticing the blazer is back  in fashion magazines and my favorite stores.  Now it’s not just for work, it’s also for play.  The matching suit look is noticeably missing,  the blazer has made a come back and it’s got a new look.  So thought number three versatile works out well with the blazer.  Go ahead get your blazers out and pair them with jeans, dresses, stripes, polka dots, some things that go bling, leggings, scarves, heels, flats, animal prints and by all means the chambray shirt!  Maybe I went a little overboard with all the pictures but I got started and just couldn’t stop!