Earth Juice

Drink more water.   Read a fitness or health magazine and you will read about the benefits of drinking water.  Workout with a personal trainer and you will hear about drinking water over and over and over. My trainer calls it earth juice and he is a believer!  Let’s face it water is essential for survival.   It can cure a headache quickly, it can restore energy quickly, it gives skin a healthy glow, it helps us maintain a healthy body weight, and  it is the primary mode of transportation of nutrients throughout our body.  It just feels  good to drink water.  The more you drink,  the more you crave.  Next time you are headed out for a run think about how much better the run goes when you are hydrated.   On the topic of being frugal, compare your bill at a restaurant when a family of 4 drinks water instead of soda!  You get more exercise when you are drinking water just traveling to and from the restroom. Your friends will be amazed because you know where all the clean restrooms are everywhere you go.  And the last reason makes me laugh because my trainer reminds me that it makes you “regular”.  He is right, it just makes me laugh to have this 23 year old talk to me about this subject.    So what’s the reason my personal trainer has to keep reminding me to drink water?  There is no good reason.  Starting right now it’s a health and fitness goal for 50, and what could be easier and less expensive.   Drink MORE water!  It’s a beautiful thing!