Corner gallery wall complete!  The truth is that the frames were selected and the gallery wall arranged before Christmas!  It is the last week of June and finally the pictures are in the frames.

For six months guests have commented on the gallery wall,  then as they look at the pictures, they realize they are not our family,   Just random people pictures in the frames when they were purchased. The strangers in our home are finally gone and replaced with good times and memories of our family.

My very inspired interior decorator quickly picked up the frames on a whirlwind shopping trip.  Her hands grabbing the frames off the shelves in a methodical yet whimsical manner and then using the floor of the store to lay out her design.  How does she do it?  I don’t know, but it’s a gift!    Did I mention my decorator is my daughter in law Meme?  If you are looking for ideas for an amazing gallery wall, I am certain she can pull one together for you in a few minutes.

I am also certain my mom will be excited when she comes to visit.  She would never have left the task undone for six months.    I am just proud that it did not take a year.   Once I started taking wall paper off the wall in my bathroom and it stayed partially off for an entire year!

Maybe turning 50 is changing me.  After all it didn’t take a year to complete the gallery wall.    I am getting a little faster, or maybe I am getting a little closer to being like my mom!  Either way accomplishment feels good and in this case I think it looks pretty good too!