Yesterday I ran up a mountain.

But more importantly I ran up a mountain with friends. No matter what you do in life, it is always better with a group of friends!  Yes life is better when you have a group to belong to, a group to share exciting news and accomplishments with, a group to lean on when times are tough, a group to learn with, and a group that motivates and encourages you to be the best that you can be!

I went back and read my race report from 2011, the first year that I ran The Currahee Challenge.  These were the words that I recorded, “The early morning drive to Toccoa had a beautiful sky with a few strands of clouds surrounded by some beautiful pink colors. As I stopped at the traffic light at Jeanette Jamerson intersection, there Currahee Mountain stood and was perfectly centered. I had been reading about the history of Currahee Mountain and the meaning that the Cherokee Indians had given to Currahee “Stand Alone” was perfectly clear. The 506th Infantry Regiment, a unit of the 101st Airborne Division adopted this as their motto, “We Stand Alone Together”. What an awesome day for a race with this beautiful sun coming up and the crisp fall air. I couldn’t help but think on this. Yes each of the runners would be alone in their quest to complete the course, but together with friends.”

Currahee Mountain challenges me greatly each year!  When the race results were shared, I listened to the awards and they started with the age group of seventy.  Here I stand at fifty, and hoping my name is being called at seventy!  I sure hope some of the friends that I stood with yesterday are still standing with me in twenty years!  I will continue to do my part to keep this group intact!  Hence another goal for fifty is 50!  Be a friend and be a part of a group.  Now this will keep me going!

Bars and Taverns and Insurance

Bars and Taverns and insurance.  An odd subject for my “fifty is 50 year long project”.  Just this morning as I scroll through my e-mail, once again I see a company that suggests they have the best insurance market for our Bar and Tavern customers.  Just last week a marketing rep breezes through my office spewing out the special programs that they have to offer.  He was a rather loud and boisterous man extolling the wonderfulness of their Bar and Tavern program.  Send us your business and we will write it, we are the best, we have the best rates, we have the best coverage.  I am fully expecting him to declare we are King of the Bar and Tavern insurance world!  It is obvious that he is only passing through this small town.  Bars and Taverns, are you kidding? There are none to be found in a thirty mile radius.  Dry a word used to describe a town or a county without the sale of alcohol.  Dry to wet in the last 5 years. Maybe wet would not be a good word to describe, damp would be better.   Alcohol can be purchased in grocery stores, Wal Mart, and restaurants now, but only after many heated city and county hall meetings and finally a vote that allowed.    No bars and taverns and I really don’t see that changing drastically in the next few years.  That being said this blog post is neither a vote for or against bars and taverns in this small town.  Just stating the facts.  In fact this is just another idea for myself, once again reminding myself to step outside the box.  I have been selling insurance for 30 years what’s holding me back from stepping outside the box.  Just because there are no bars and taverns in close proximity doesn’t mean that I can’t go find “one”.  Going to find “one” doesn’t just mean a “bar and tavern”.  “One” of something out of my normal.  Challenge myself, it’s on the list, 50 for fifty!

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Comfort Zone

A big circle or a little circle, we are all tucked safely inside.

Mindless routine activities that fill our days.

Our thoughts, our actions, our dreams stay close to the center.

Our safe haven.

We are consumed with the mundane and the repetition.

Does the circle get bigger with time or smaller with time?

Inspiration to get outside the circle, the comfort zone comes from many places and many people.  Are your eyes and your heart open to the opportunities?

Did you path cross another’s path today that made you want to stick your toe outside the circle or jump outside the circle?  Mine did!