Date It

Date it.  Not a blog about E-Harmony!

Date it, as in put a date on it!

Just reading a professional organizers article on her top 10 organization tips.  Put a date on every piece of paper that crosses your desk.

This is definitely a rule in my office as every piece of correspondence is date stamped.

Why would this rule not work in my personal office as well?

She recommended putting a date on everything including grocery lists, to do lists, coupons, gift certificates, even stuff clipped out of magazines.

I rarely clip things from magazines as Pinterest and Houzz have solved that organizational problem or maybe I should say created another obsession and distraction.

My hubs has already got this date thing down.  He loves to buy certain things in bulk and he loves to mark the date on the items with the swipe of a big black sharpie. Could it be that he is really ahead of the game when it comes to organization?  In his case the date reminds him what to use next.  I suspect he learned this trick from owning a convenience store.

Dates on the paper that are written in large print would allow you to purge quickly, remind you to use the coupons and gift certificates before they expire, and remind you time is ticking to take some action.  After all how many times do you squint to see the date on coupons only to see that they are expired.

So go ahead DATE IT, date everything you see!  I think I’ll try it.  Low cost organizational idea, after all how much does it cost to buy a sharpie!  I suspect there are a few sharpies in that unorganized desk drawer right where those piles of paper are stacked without dates! Organize, it’s on the list fifty is 50!