lpm “Last Possible Moment”

While setting our morning alarms the hubs and I were discussing the times that we would be getting up.  I was thinking through the following morning and and contemplating the to do list.  I could sleep until 6:00 a.m. and still be ready for the work day to start at 8:00.    Many mornings I do need to get up before six, but being especially tired I decided to calculate the time based on the  “last possible minute” that I could sleep!

This being said, I announced to the hubs that 6 was the lpm that I was choosing as my alarm time.  LPM he says with a question in his voice.  Yes my lpm, don’t you need to calculate yours?

Explaining the meaning of my made up acronym made us laugh.  Going to sleep after a laugh is always a good way to end the day.   Here’s to laughing and loving and falling asleep after a long day!



“It is my belief that each personality does already have a quite center within, which is never disturbed, and is unmoved, like the mathematical point in the very center of a wheel or axle which remains stationary.  What we need to do is to find this quiet center within us and retreat into it periodically for rest, recuperation, and renewed vigor.” Maxwell Maltz    Finding my quiet center, on the list for fifty!


Pajama Day

School kids have pajama day scheduled on the calendar.  I am going to copy that idea and put a pajama day on my calendar for my 50th year.  Can you remember the last time that you had an entire day that you got up and never changed from your pajamas for the entire day?   I’ll write it in large script on the calendar and anticipate it’s arrival. I’ll let everyone at my house know so they can pre-plan, this mom is off duty for the day!   I am not talking just wearing my pajamas all day, I am talking relaxing in my pajamas all day!  Rest research!